Creating Gardens

Creating Gardens

To create the garden of your dreams, Garden Gate starts by listening to your landscaping goals, needs and desires. With our experience and vision, our custom plan for your garden will come to life. We will help you envision how beautiful your garden will be with lush plantings combined with garden architectural elements. Click here for more info



Maintaining Gardens

Maintaining Gardens

Enjoy peace of mind with Garden Gate’s GardenCare programs by knowing you can rely on our superior level of care and service for your garden and lawn. All of our programs address the basic needs for the care of your garden and allow for the addition of several services that fit your unique situation. Click here for more info



Organic totally natural lawn & Plant Health care

At long last Garden Gate Landscaping, Inc. discovered a truly effective Organic 100% Natural Lawn Care System and Organic Plant Health Care. The Bee Safe program was developed as the missing tool for lawn and garden maintenance organizations that want to offer their customers a completely safe organic and 100% natural option. Click here for more info



Sustainable Garden Practices

On site water retention. Rain gardens and dry wells. Permeable pavers. Organic natural lawn and plant health care. Conservation landscaping. Irrigation retrofits. Click here for more info.

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