Sustainable Landscape Practices

Permeable pavers 

Permeable paving allows rainwater to rapidly infiltrate into the soil where it is naturally filtered, and not running off the land into storm sewers. Replacing impervious surfaces such as driveways and walkways with permeable paving reduces overall storm water runoff. When permeable pavers are combined with water retention systems the water can be used to irrigate your garden.

On site water retention 

Through the use of aqua boxes, rain barrels and cisterns capture and re-use water for your landscape irrigation. Systems of all sizes for above ground or below ground to allow water directed from roof and surface water for the a benefit to your landscape.

Irrigation retrofits

Evaluate your existing irrigation system and decide how to make it as water smart as possible. We can use drip systems and more efficient time clocks to monitor soil moisture and apply the correct amount of water. Advanced systems are monitored system via the Internet.

Click here to see video of the building of these sustainable systems (this video will be updated as the project progresses)